Posted: April 19, 2011 in Uncategorized

I would rather face judgement and have Jesus tell me I’ve overdone it than tell me he never knew me…. We must look deep into our lives and look at how much time we are spending preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ, how much time we spend reading his word and actually living by it…. time for me to step it up and actually do the things I know I’m called to do and live out the things I know to be true about Jesus…..

  1. Sonya Jessica says:

    So true!!!!!. I’ve been just living life praying here and there, not really reading the bible at all, and sometimes if I feel comfortable I will share Jesus with people, yet Jesus calls us out of our comfort zones! Living for Him isn’t comfortable in fact it’s the complete opposite. God has really started showing me that I’m not doing all that He calls me to do. A few months ago God really started putting prostitutes on my heart. I started praying about it and it just kept becoming more and more obvious God wants me to love them like He loves them. He sees them with having value! He died for them! He wants them! I’ve only gone and talked to them once. I know that I need to be doing more but I haven’t stepped it up because that is way out of my comfort zone! I can relate to them and I see why God put these girls on my heart!!! Thanks for this. Its hits home. I need to start walking the walk not just talking the talk about Jesus!! He has changed my life in more ways then I can ever count and now I am called to preach the gospel to all!!!!!
    So glad Jesus died for me a liar, God hating, Satan worshiper, who blamed Him for all that happened to me. I know If Jesus can save me He can save anyone!!!!!!!!!!!

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