Justin’s Baptism

Posted: November 30, 2011 in Uncategorized

Since coming to Mars Hill Orange County 4 months ago I have had the privilege of seeing God move in miraculous ways. Our church has grown in size to the point that we had to get a new building, within a month we are filling our new location to the point that i’m sure we will have to add a second service soon. Most of the community groups are full and reaping a harvest. Within my own community group lives are changing dramatically from week to week. We are all getting closer to Jesus, people are coming to a place of repentance and are allowing Jesus to change their hearts, people who have been in church their whole lives are having their eyes opened to the Gospel for what it really is and best of all people are coming to know Jesus and getting baptized.

I recently got the opportunity to witness something so beautiful that it brought me to tears. When I first came to Mars Hill I met a married couple in my community group who briefly told me about their nephew who was caught up in drugs, partying and raves. When they expressed their concern for him I could literally feel how it was breaking their hearts knowing he was putting his life at risk every time he went out. They were praying for him daily, that Jesus would touch his heart and save him. Without meeting him my heart started to feel the weight of their concern for his soul. Several weeks in a row they invited him to Mars Hill but something always came up and he wouldn’t be able to come but that would soon change.

I showed up to church and headed up to where the Mars Hill children’s ministry meets at and right when I got upstairs I meet this guy Justin and I immediately knew it was the guy we had all been praying for. I looked at his aunt who was standing by us and I could see the joy and excitement in her eyes, as thought they knew today was the day. He stayed in the children’s room and talked to us for a few minutes, then left when the church service started. I was helping with the children that day so I wasn’t in service but once it was over I seem in the parking lot and he yells out “Matt I got baptized!” I couldn’t believe it! I was so happy for him and his aunt and uncle who had been praying for him so diligently.

The next week at community group guess who is there…… Justin! I find out he watched my testimony and related to many of the things I have been through. We got to have an amazing discussion about what Jesus has done in his life in the 2 days since he was baptized. We talk the whole night about Jesus and those talks have continued for the last 4 weeks. He is now one of my boys and I am stoked every time I see him. Here we are a month later since he was baptized and he is still fighting the good fight. Our community group has been there to encourage and disciple him, he lives with his aunt and uncle who are constantly encouraging him and discipling him and he is now serving at church on sundays. Jesus is the hero of his story. Jesus was relentlessly pursuing his heart and there was nothing he could do about it. He isn’t the same guy I met 4 weeks ago. He is a changed man, he has a regenerated heart and he is in love with Jesus.

I stand in awe getting the opportunity to witness a man being brought from death to life. It reminds me of when Jesus first saved me. Over the last month my mind has been flooded with memories of when I first met Jesus and it has made me fall in love with Him. Thank you Nollan and Rhianna Obena for being faithful in your prayers. I have been so blessed by the both of you over the last few months. Justin Hubert you are a new man. Jesus washed away your sins….past present and future. I have been so blessed to see Jesus working in your life and I cant wait to see what he does with your life as you continue to grow in him. Justin is alive its time to celebrate!!!!!!!!!




  1. Daniel Garcia says:

    Jesus is so good!

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