A poem

Posted: June 8, 2013 in Uncategorized

This poem describes my life when I had first met Jesus. I was 22 and just began going to church. Jesus had been revealing Himself to me and I knew He was real. I wanted to be closer to Him. I wanted to know Him. I wanted to be close to His church. I went to church several times a week to learn as much as I could and hope that I could meet some new people. Unfortunately not even one person would talk to me or have anything to do with me for almost 2 years. So many times I felt like walking away but God has been faithful and never let me go.

There are these moments
I am overtaken by fear
The thought of being alone
Has my life become a waste

I lay staring at the walls
Wondering what is the point
I thought I had found love
Why do I feel so much pain

Something is missing
Things just don’t feel right
The thoughts in my mind
Don’t line up with my heart

I looked into the stars
With nothing but indifference
The universe so spectacular
Why is my life so insignificant

It was stirring inside me
The thought of playing a part
My life being held captive
I didn’t know where to start

Most of my time spent wandering
It was as though I was alone
Maybe I had found my destination
I just wanted to feel at home

Thousands of people I see
My heart wasn’t at ease
It was like you didn’t see me
I felt like I had a disease

I just wanted you to see me
At least act like you care
I know my life is a mess
You don’t know the burdens I bear

There is so much inside me
I just want to share
Collecting my thoughts
I feel nothing but despair

What is the purpose
What is the point
I was lost now i’m found
See the image I paint

I once hid in the darkness
I now live in the light
I will fear no evil
I will put up the good fight

Jesus Christ saved me
from myself and this world
Forever He will keep me
This He promises in His word


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