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I read this yesterday and it really struck me to the core. There are parts of my heart that were being turned over as I read each and every word. I know I have a lot of wrestling to do, both in prayer and in my journals. There is just so much in this. I pray it touches you in the same way that it did me. Thank you Natalia Parker for sharing this and allowing us to see your love of life, your love for your family, and your love for The Lord. You and Scottie are such a blessing to so many.

“Start where you are… I’m not talking about cooking as a performance, or entertaining as a complicated choreography of competition showing off. I’m talking about feeding someone with honesty and intimacy and love, about making your home a place where people are fiercely protected, even if just for a few hours, from the crush and cruelty of the day. Start where you are, Talia. Start documenting your life now. Stop waiting for the moment when you will be able to “catch up” and have figured out the “best” way to beautifully, simply, perfectly, pinterestly, chronologically, uniformly and easily put it out there somewhere for the world to see. If this is the case, it will never happen. You will never catch up. You will never find THE way to document perfectly. You will continue to spend your time wishing… wishing you would — print your pictures, learn to use your nice camera, upload the days pictures to social media, blog what Jesus is doing in your life, wishing you would be unashamed about the epic adventure you are on. START WHERE YOU ARE. Share what you want. Share so others can see. The blessings, the heartaches, the moves, the travel, the messy, the no makeup, the adventures, the leaps of faith, the ride. These things in your story all point to the greatest story of all. Your heart beat is for Jesus’ scandalous grace and relentless love to penetrate the hearts of those you love and touch. For others lives to be wrecked by His selfless sacrifice and pursuit of their hearts. To know that the crushing standard to be sinless and perfect was destroyed when He took yours and their place on the cross. It is finished. You do not need to live in fear or condemnation. He has sacrificed himself for you, for eternity. so. JUST START. Start where you are today. ((this is for me mostly. As a reminder. Truth filled self talk. But also for you – my friends, family, followers – so you know my heart. Why I don’t share & why I wish I did. Our life has not been “normal”. We have been put in places many people never will consider their normal. To be a part of the professional sports world. I fear that my posts of what we consider our daily life are show offy – so I don’t share. But then I feel claustrophobic and like people don’t know our life and I have to always catch people up on a one by one basis. So, I am going to share our life. I promise to share the mess and trials, but also the blessings and triumphs. I miss sharing life together and as we enter this next even more crazy chaotic stage, I need an outlet to share our life – ultimately for His glory.”